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Public School: America's 200-Year Experiment


School CoverDevillier was proud to be asked to coordinate the national promotion of the major, new PBS series School: The Story of American Public Education. Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, the series chronicled the great American experiment of universal public education from colonial times to the present. Working toward the ambitious goal of encouraging community dialogue about the role of public schools was a creative partnership of professionals including the production team, KCET/Hollywood and the PBS system, as well as Beacon Press, publishers of the companion book.

Through the combined efforts of this group, a national public awareness campaign was launched that extended beyond the television page to media aimed at parents, educators and policy makers. The press results were spectacular. The Associated Press called the series "a fascinating primer on the roots of American schools" and praised its "evenhanded look at... contemporary issues," The New York Times proclaimed it "should be required homework for policymakers" and The Baltimore Sun said it represented "exactly what public television should be doing above all else." Over 6.4 million Americans tuned in to watch School, making it the most successful education program to air on PBS in the past five years.


"I was absolutley blown away by our 'School' team at the PBS conference. You guys were all great. Unbelievable in fact! It's no wonder we got such a great response. I was reminded that we are privileged to be working with a wonderful group of people. So, thanks everbody for a great effort with great results."

- Sarah Mondale,
director and co-producer
Stone Lantern Films   

Case Study

Read and donwload the PDF version of the School case studies




Meryl Streep narrates School

Mery Streep narrates School
(Photo courtsey Kurt Krieger/Corbis)


Modern Boy reading a book

The broadcast of School was intended to serve as a springboard for national discussion to help Americans explore the challenges and opportunities facing public schools now and in the future.