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Remaking American Medicine
National Partnership Program


Remaking American Medicine™…Health Care for the 21st Century (RAM), a four-part, prime time PBS television series premiered in October 2006. The goal of the series and the national outreach campaign was to bring to the forefront of national discourse the imperative of improving the quality of health care for all Americans. Crosskeys Media® selected Devillier Communications, Inc. (Devillier) for this assignment.

Based on Devillier’s initial strategic communications plan, it was agreed that one of the most important campaign objectives was to develop alliances that would focus on quality issues and to encourage each stakeholder group to collaborate and take specific actions. To help accomplish this goal, Devillier recommended the creation of a National Partnership Program that would forge new relationships with a diverse group of prestigious organizations committed to quality health care. The National Partnership Program, which leveraged collective resources and support, would serve as the foundation for the campaign.

Read the entire case study to find out more about the tactics used and the results of the campaign.



“This campaign and the series have really lifted up the entire discussion
on quality. I don’t think our institution will ever be the same.”

Champion of Change

-- Julie Moretz, director,
Family Services Development,
MCG Children’s Medical Center







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