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RAM Campaign

Remaking American Medicine™…Health Care for the 21st Century (RAM), a four-part, prime time PBS television series, was the cornerstone of a nationwide campaign designed to change the public’s perception of the American health care system.

Crosskeys Media® asked Devillier Communications, Inc. (Devillier) to undertake a massive outreach effort that would help bring to the forefront of national discourse the imperative for improving the quality of health care for all Americans. The ultimate goal was to motivate, inspire and connect individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to this issue and to initiate a call to action to improve the quality of health care for all Americans.

Download the entire National Campaign Case Study.








“Thanks to hard work and creative ideas from Devillier, millions of Americans will watch the series.
This is no accident. When we met in 2002, you recognized that the subject - transforming the
quality of American health care - deserved more than the usual PR treatment for documentaries.
You knew that if we were to help change the way Americans think about the quality of their health
care, we would need a national public engagement campaign that would be deep and wide in its
reach. Four years later, the plan that Devillier created has been brilliantly realized.""

-- Frank Christopher,

Co-Executive Producer

Remaking American Medicine


Case Study