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Remaking American Medicine


In 2002, Devillier Communications Inc. (Devillier), at the request of Crosskeys Media® and with the support of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation®, undertook a six-month effort that resulted in a carefully designed Strategic Communications Plan on behalf of the television series, Remaking American Medicine™…Health Care for the 21st Century.

The overall goals of the PBS series and the proposed national outreach campaign were to encourage viewers to become advocates for quality health care; to motivate, inspire and connect individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to this issue; and to issue a call to action to improve the quality of health care for all Americans.

In the course of developing the Communications Plan, Devillier spoke with more than 50 people representing each of the major stakeholders – providers, purchasers, quality experts, consumer advocates and policy-makers. Their advice, enthusiasm and support were essential to the creation of the Plan. They all supported the concept of creating a health care system that values innovation, rewards excellence, recognizes and corrects systemic flaws and puts the patient at the center of the best care possible.

Based on these interviews, Devillier, working in collaboration with Crosskeys Media, produced a Strategic Communications Plan that served as the foundation for the creative, innovative and ultimately, successful massive national outreach campaign which is detailed in this Final Report.

The Plan, which was approved by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, proposed a series of communications objectives that would:

• Underscore the importance of improving the quality of health care in America,
• Stimulate a dialogue among key stakeholders,
• Encourage consumers to become informed advocates for their own health care and that of their families,
• Promote best practice examples and demonstrate how others are improving the quality of health care in their respective communities, organizations and institutions,
• Develop an environment for alliances that would focus on quality issues and assist each stakeholder group to collaborate and take specific actions,
• Create an informative and motivational event that would underscore the imperative for positive change, and
• Generate the broadest possible viewership for the television series.




As producers, we are always happy when our work gets attention. As filmmakers, we are convinced that the outreach efforts that Devillier created, nurtured and expertly managed will spread the stories of people who are transforming the quality of health care, and by doing so, we believe
that patient harm will be reduced and lives will be saved. Thank you.”


-- Frank Christopher
Executive Producer
Crosskeys Media




Dr. Anne Peters, one of the nation’s leading diabetologists, has established a free clinic for uninsured diabetics in the Latino neighborhood of East Los Angeles. Dr. Peters is involved in an unprecedented effort to provide preventative care to uninsured diabetics throughout Los Angeles County.

Neuroscience Center team visiting with patient at the Medical College of Georgia

Picture at left:

Patient safety expert Dr. Peter Pronovost leads rounds with other physicians and nurses in the Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.


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