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National Association of Health Underwriters

Small Businesses Favor Health InsuranceTax Incentives for Uninsured Americans


Earlier this year the National Association of Health Underwriters spearheaded a consortium of organizations including the Healthcare Leadership Council, the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to determine the facts about employer-sponsored health care. In a national survey, small business owners and benefit managers were asked about employee health insurance as well as their perception about current health care initiatives.

The co-sponsors announced the results of the survey at NAHU's Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C. in March, 2001. The response reinforced the significant role the employer plays in health coverage, dispelling a common myth that employers contribute only a minimum amount toward employees' health plans. More than 50 percent of the employers pay the full cost of the health insurance premium for their employees and 84 percent said they support a tax credit to help their lower-income employees purchase employer-sponsored health insurance.

NAHU President Michael Matznick was pleased with the results, which clearly demonstrated employer support of tax credits for their employees. "We believe the tax credit program that is being considered by Congress, provided it preserves the employer-based system, will be a 'win-win" for everyone involved," he said.

Devillier provided strategic counsel to NAHU as it developed the employer survey and then initiated a national campaign to announce the results. Coverage appeared in key health care, insurance and business publications and major U.S. dailies.


"NAHU had never undertaken a comprehensive public relations effort, so we did not know what to expect. In one week we gave more interviews than we have in the previous six months. Devillier's impressive media relations campaign has already catapulted us into the list of movers and shakers"

- Kevin Corcoran
executive vice president, NAHU  

Case Study

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Janet Trautwein, director of Federal Policy Analysis and State government; Mike Matznick, president, NAHU; and Kevin Corcoran, exec. vice pres., NAHU, meet with Health News Daily reporter, Jeffrey Smokler.

(left to right) Mary Grealy, Health Care Leadership Council; Neil Troutwein, Natonal Association of Manufacturers; Kevin Corcoran, executive vice president, NAHU; Steve Markensen, WB and A Research; and Kate Sullivan, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at the 11th Annual NAHU Capitol Conference.