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Blue Guitar

Jazzing Up A Press Event

Beauty...artistry...craftmanship...crystal clear sound...and brilliant color. Artfully arranged on the third floor of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History were 22 stunning arch-top guitars - all in blue - created by America's premier guitar makers and commissioned by renowned guitar collector Scott Chinery. With barely a week before the opening of its unique "Blue Guitars" exhibition, the Smithsonian asked Devillier Communications to help generate press coverage for the launch.

Working closely with Museum staff, Devillier staged a very special press preview featuring a lively miniconcert by master jazz virtuosos Bucky and John Pizzarelli, who performed on several of the colorful instruments. Then, in an extraordinary departure from traditional press previews, members of the media were invited to play the guitars themselves, thereby adding a personal "note" to their experience. Chinery, who made the exhibition possible, and master luthier Bob Benedetto, who fashioned two of the instruments, were also on hand to answer questions from the media.







The Blues Sisters: Two of Devillier’s “master musicians,” Selma Mead and Kristina Hallman, in concert at the “Blue Guitars” press preview.