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National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans







The National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans, spearheaded by AMVETS, was designed to focus on the challenges facing America’s young veterans.  The symposium, which took place last fall in Chicago, attracted hundreds of veterans; active duty military; family members; and government, business and educational leaders.  As a result, more than 120 major recommendations were forwarded to national policy-makers.  Devillier continues to work with AMVETS to promulgate the findings among Senate and House leadership and their respective staffs as well as other influentials within the business and education arenas.

The symposium and the follow-up report, “Voices for Action: A National Focus on the Changing Needs of Veterans” received major press coverage. 


Case Study


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"Throughout our relationship with Devillier, we’ve been provided with thoughtful and strategic advice, creative ideas and outstanding execution.  The symposium, a landmark event for AMVETS,

was no exception.” 


            -Velma Hart, Finance Director, AMVETS National Headquarters



Former Army National Guard Major Tammy Duckworth, speaks during the National Symposium


Retired Army Specialist Shoshana Johnson, the first African American woman taken as a POW (Iraq), talks to reporters during the NAtional Symposium