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Absolute Zero Campaign Update


Production Update

Robert Boyle performing an experiment

On June 21, the DCI team met with Absolute Zero executive producers Meredith Burch and David Dugan. Both Meredith    and David were pleased to report that production is on   schedule and PBS should receive a review copy by the end of the year. The production team is hoping for a March or April premiere. Production photographs will be added to the “About Absolute Zero” section of the campaign Web site under Production Photos..

Re-enactment of Robert Boyle performing

an experiment, during filming in London.

(Click on picture for a larger version)

Community Education Guide

The Absolute Zero Community Education Guide is meant to serve as a resource for informal science educators and classroom teachers of students in grades 6-8. The Guide, which will focus on topics covered in the series, will serve as a road map for comprehensive presentations including hands-on demonstrations, questions to encourage student participation, suggestions for how to lead the class, and ways to motivate students to continue studying the science topic at hand. The Guide is under review by several members of the National Awareness Advisory Committee (NAAC). It will be available by the end of August. Print copies will be sent to Partners and a downloadable version will be placed on the campaign Web site. 

Science Professional Outreach Guide

Another important document, the Absolute Zero Science Professional Outreach
Guide, will contain recommendations and strategies for successfully engaging
students and the public in schools, museums, libraries and other community
settings. It will be available by early Fall.


National Partner Conferences and Meetings

Summer is shaping up to be a very busy time for the Absolute Zero team. DCI
produced customized Absolute Zero promotional flyers for several National Partner
events including:14th International Cryoclooer Conference

  • CryoCoolers 14 – Annapolis, MD. Laurie Huget, exec. director of the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA), attended this meeting.
  • ASHRAE Annual Meeting – Quebec City, Canada
  • AAPT Summer Meeting – Syracuse, NY

DCI is also creating promotional materials for the Applied Superconductivity Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Please let us know about your upcoming conferences. We will be happy to discuss how best to promote Absolute Zero with speakers, flyers, posters, etc. Please contact Allan Childers (achilders@devillier.com).


Campaign Web site

Throughout the summer, there will be new content and campaign updates on absolutezerocampaign.org. In addition to the Community Education Guide, you can expect to find several interactive and downloadable educational games for students and teachers.

Look for word searches, crossword puzzles and even an Absolute Zero Sudoku puzzle! Check the “Get Involved” section of the site for these and additional pictures, links and resources.

We will be happy to feature your low-temperature educational materials. Please contact Allan Childers (achilders@devillier.com).


Absolute Zero Experts

Another feature of the campaign Web site is the “Ask the Experts” section where
experts in this special scientific field will answer questions. We are seeking individuals who are willing to assist with these inquiries as well as experts who will participate in educational presentations at schools, community groups or other public forums. If you have candidates for these important tasks, please contact DCI.

Submit recommended experts to Allan Childers (achilders@devillier.com).


Partner Promotion

We are pleased to announce that National Partners have begun to promote Absolute Zero to their members and constituents in organizational newsletters, magazines and
bulletins. For example:

  • ASTC - Sean Smith announced their support of the campaign in ASTC INFORMS (biweekly e-mail newsletter).
  • CSA – Laurie Huget reported on the NAAC meeting and Web site launch in the spring 2006 edition of CSA’s publication, Cold Facts.
  • SPS – Gary White announced their involvement in the campaign on the SPS Web site.
  • ASHRAE – Ashley Pruett placed a short piece on Absolute Zero in the “Student Zone” section of their organization’s Web site.

All of these announcements and links to Web sites can be found in the “Press Room”.


Stay Tuned ...

Coming this fall will be an Absolute Zero Webinar that will support the Science Professional Outreach Guide. Led by several outstanding scientists/educators,  viewers will receive tips on how to conduct effective and entertaining low-temperature physics presentations.

Side Note

All Absolute Zero National Partners should have received the 2006 Summer Campaign Update via email. If not, you can download or view it here:

PDF format  


Campaign Contacts

If you have any questions about the campaign, contact Devillier Communications:

Linda Devillier, President
ldevillier@devillier.com, 202-362-4429

NOTE: Please note new address and contact information

Devillier Communications, LLC.
PH: 202-362-4429

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