Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold  




Welcome to the education section of the Absolute Zero Web site. Students, teachers, parents and others can take a close look into all the areas where low-temperature physics affects our daily lives! You'll be able to learn about the basics of temperature and states of matter; and learn how this field revolutionized frozen food and rockets. You'll also be able to become a low-temperature physicist right in your own classroom, living room or community center with the experiements and activities provided. Then learn about the history of this exciting field...who started it...who is working on it now. After that, test your knowledge with a "Cool Quiz" or Sudoku!!

  • Low-Temp Basics – What is cold? How does researching the cold help with building new technologies?

  • Resources, Activities and Experiments – Learn all about how low-temperature physics affects our daily lives – from refrigeration to cell phones. You’ll also find great demonstrations, and thought-provoking questions for further discussion. Here aer the different topics:

    • Topic 1: Measuring the Cold - Thermometers
    • Topic 2: Understanding Heat and Energy
    • Topic 3: States of Matter
    • Topic 4: Refrigeration
    • Topic 5: Cryogenics
    • Topic 6: The Quest for Absolute Zero
    • Topic 7: How Animals Survive the Cold
    • Topic 8: Superconductivity
    • Topic 9: Astronomy
    • Topic 10: Spaceflight
    • Topic 11: Agriculture
    • Topic 12: Cold Medicine

  • Historical Timeline – Learn how the study of cold got started. Who was the first to build a refrigerator? Who first liquefied hydrogen? Who figured out what cold even was?

  • Pictures and Biographies – Find out more about physicists of the past, present and future. Look for those who helped pave the way for the physicists of today. See who might be featured in the upcoming PBS series.

  • Community Education Guide - NEW!! - The Absolute Zero Community Education Guide includes numerous ideas on how to engage young people in supplemental school activities including simple low-temperature physics experiments and trivia quizzes.

  • Science Educator's Guide - NEW!! - This guide, intended for both formal and informal educators, contains tips and suggestions on how to best engage students in the science and low-temperature physics. Download the guide and find out more.

  • Absolutely Real – Learn all about how low-temperature physics affects us everyday.

  • Trivia Quiz – Test your knowledge of all things cold! How much do you know about thermodynamics? Superconductivity? Heat and Cold? Find out here.

  • Sudoku Puzzles
  • Nobel Laureates – Find out who has been award the prestigious Nobel Prize for their work in low-temperature physics.
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