Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold  



Science Educator's Guide

The Absolute Zero Science Educator’s Guide is meant for both informal and formal educators of middle school students and is a companion to the Absolute Zero Community Education Outreach Guide.

Absolute Zero Science Educator's Guide

Written in collaboration with low-temperature physicists and classroom teachers, the guide offers suggestions on how best to engage students in science and low-temperature physics, providing information on how to lead a classroom discussion, increase group participation, teach the process of scientific inquiry and encourage students to continue studying the science topic at hand.

Copies of this guide can be downloaded by clicking on the cover image.

Download the guide in PDF format by click on the cover image or this link below:.

Science Educator's Guide

NOTE: This is a large file (approx. 4 MB) .


Community Education Outreach Guide - NEW!!

The Absolute Zero Community Education Outreach Guide is a resource for teachers
and informal educators of middle school students. Drawing from the history of the
human quest to explore the cold, this guide focuses on topics — from historical
attempts to understand the physics of heat to modern day magnetically levitating
trains — that are covered in the two-part public broadcasting special, Absolute Zero.  Downlaod the guide and find out more here: Community Education Outreach Guide


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